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Royal Jelly


Royal jelly is the food used exclusively in the nutrition of larvae and queen bees during the time of their lives. Because of its miraculous composition, the queen comes out of its cell within just 16 days, instead of 21 days needed by the worker bee and 24 days by drones and it may live up to 5 years instead of 40 days, which represent the medium period of life for bees.

This substance is composed of fructose, proteins, growing agents, 18 amino-acids and a multitude of vitamins (especially vitamins B1 and B5) and minerals.

Royal jelly is the natural product which contains the biggest quantity of vitamins/ volume unity. It is a substance which increases body’s resistance against stress agents which affect it, helping all organs work normally.


Especially exhausted persons, who work hard for 10-12 hours/ day or have important exams, will immediately feel the refreshment of their memory, of their capacity of concentration and an increased energy. The displeasing symptoms related to menopause (abundant sweating, sudden feelings of heat, prolonged menstruation) almost disappear after a month cure with royal jelly. Because of its effects in maintaining blood pressure at a normal level, it shouldn’t miss to people who present a higher risk of having an infarct or a stroke (obese people who have high cholesterol).

Perhaps the most important benefit is that it improves immunity; royal jelly also has an anti-inflammatory action.

Administration and dosage

Adults: 100-1000 mg/day, in treating serious diseases even 2g are recommended

It is recommended to be taken in the morning, on empty-stomach. The treatment lasts for 4-6 weeks, take a month break between, and start again the treatment until you are recovered.

Usage recipes:

1)10 grams of Royal Jelly combined with 250g of honey- for adults, one spoon in the morning and for children half-spoon- this is a very concentrated dose.

2)It may be administered orally in the morning, 50mg(0.5g)- or under tongue or diluted in a small quantity of water

It should be kept fresh, only in the refrigerator at 2-50C

During the process of taking the royal jelly, you should not consume sugar at all but you can replace it with a daily quantity of 30-60g honey bee.

Be very careful!

Royal jelly changes its characteristics in contact with metals. It is recommended to use only plastic or wooden spoons.

Contra-indications: allergy to royal jelly; people who suffer from asthma or the ones who have frequent eczemas.