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Bee Wax

Ceara de albine

Bee wax presents emollient qualities, healing, silagoge (stimulant of saliva) depilatory, anti-inflammatory and nourishing the skin. It presents a trophic effect on skin and skin rejuvenation .

Bee wax is produced by bees as a stable substance which does not interact with honey, pollen or royal jelly and has some important properties for apitherapeutist .

Among therapeutic indications may be mentioned (for external and internal use).


-Back pain ( combined with propolis)



– Cosmetic use ( balms, creams, ointments )


-Hay fever

-Gum diseas


The bee wax properties are directly linked to the substances contains, but also because the bees added small amounts of propolis inside each cell of the honeycomb , especially those originally built for larvae. So, the bee wax have the properties:

– Antiseptic;

– Softening;

– Inflammatory;

– Healing.

The wax helps the skin to have a smooth and elastic structure (appearance ), so it is widely used in cosmetics, in preparing different masks. It is also used for hair removal .