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Bee Pollen


Pollen it is a natural product, collected by bees. It is found under the form of grains and it has different colors and dimensions.

Pollen grain is rich in nutritive and regenerative substances needed by your body such as: vitamins, enzymes, amino-acids, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. It is a dietetic nutritive supplement which has a strengthening action upon adults and children as well. It is important for your body because it equilibrates its functions in case of physical and intellectual tiredness.


Pollen- because of the rich content of proteins, it influences the regeneration of the hepatic cell, it is easy assimilated by the human body, increasing its physical resistance in case of colds, flu, lack of appetite, it also has positive effects in treating the atherosclerosis, it eliminates toxins out of your body, improves the visual acuity, sustains the heart beats; it is a good help in balancing sexual disorders which are caused by the hormonal content; it is good for cerebral insufficiencies and disorders of digestive system. Therefore pollen may be considered a complementary product to human food, due to its rich and complex content in assimilable substances which are essential for life and can be found under a complete, condensed and natural form.

Indications: asthenia, gall complaint, liver complaint (hepatitis), prostate disorders, atherosclerosis, diabetes, constipations, enterocolitis, neurosis, insomnia.

Administration and dosage

Pollen grain is consumed by mastication or combined with honey bee.

Children: 25g/day (in doses of 5g)

Adults: 40g/day (in doses of 10g)

It is recommended to be consumed between meals, as grains, grinded, tablets, mixture of honey and pollen extract, as it’s not compatible with chemotherapeutic medicines.