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En-Detail – Honey in jars

1.Glass jars of 950, 500 and 275 gr for 3 types of honey: multi-flower, acacia and linden. Packaging: foil boxes of 6 pieces. 2.Plastic packaging of 250 and 500 gr., with a special cap for honey, with drip-drop silicon valve, which prevents honey’ trickling during its usage. This type of packaging contains only: multi-flower and […]


En-Gros – Honey in drums

Types of packing: 300 kg – special drums for food industry. We export different types of honey in drums: – multi-flower honey, – linden honey, – acacia honey, – sunflower honey, – rape honey,etc. Plastic packing: 25 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg – plastic tails for sweets producers (or industrial usage)   We export honey […]

Cutie Stick 15gr x 50 buc

HoReCa – Honey sticks&blisters

Portioned honey in 15g transparent foil 15g x 50 pieces/box (multi flower honey) Portioned honey in 20g plastic caps 20g x 60 pieces/box (multi flower and acacia honey)   Honey in jars of 30g 30g x 20 pieces/box (acacia honey)

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Quality – Guarantee for quality

Each honey jar that leaves from Apidava factory has written on its label the number of the lot where honey comes from; it is, in fact, the DNA of that product, according to which we can establish the exact source of the honey contained by that jar, its physical-chemical characteristics, the quantity of honey packed […]