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Quality – Guarantee for quality

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Each honey jar that leaves from Apidava factory has written on its label the number of the lot where honey comes from; it is, in fact, the DNA of that product, according to which we can establish the exact source of the honey contained by that jar, its physical-chemical characteristics, the quantity of honey packed from that lot, as well as the stores where it is delivered.

The route of the product is supervised as follows:
– the first control takes place when honey is received; its aspect, taste and fragrance are verified and the provider is told on spot if his honey is accepted or not.
– accepted honey is stored in order to be analyzed, each provider receiving an entrance number
– after performing all the analyses and receiving the laboratory’s acceptance, honey is stored in the storage; it is divided into assortments, each cask being ticketed individually (with the provider’s name, quantity, assortment, and the receiving date)
– a sample of each analyzed lot is kept in the lab for 12 months, every cask from the storage having a corresponding sample at the Laboratory-Archive
– honey has to undergo several filtering stages in order to make sure that there are no impurities remaining from extraction
– During the entire technological process, honey samples are drawn from each formed and well analyzed lots
– The final checking consists in drawing random samples regarding the product as well as the packing , to assure the guarantee of its quality.