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Linden honey

Ambalaj: glass jars


glass jars: 275g, 500g, 950g

„ Romanian LINDEN HONEY is one of the highest quality honey from Europe, with a high content of Linden pollen ( a percentage of 50-60%), and it is obtain mainly in the est-south regions of ROMANIA, where are located the biggest areas of LINDEN TREES from all over Europe.

It has a persistent aftertaste and is slightly astringent. The crystalization rate is medium to fast, with fine to medium crystals. It has a great lime taste with some yellow-orange reflexes. It is fluid and it tastes very fresh.

It possesses anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Therapeutic (folk remedies): The linden honey is used dealing with illnesses that are treated with a lot of sweet. Beside this, linden honey relieves cramps and it is used against some renal diseases, etc. It is also very useful dealing with catarrh and coughing, because it dissolves mucus and clears your throat. It is recommended to be used for neurotic situations, fatigue and mental tension.

Many people find that honey and lemon juice, taken a little at the time, helps them when they have a cough or ticklish throat (try two tablespoons of honey to one of lemon juice).

Linden honey it is used in treatments for sleeplessness (such as hot milk or tea – for children – or whisky – for adults – making a mixture with honey).”