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Thyme honey

Ambalaj: glass jars: 275g


glass jars: 275g

Thyme honey is a 100% natural honey, without any kind of flavors or supplements, and it’s obtained from the natural fields of Wild – Thyme or from the intensive crops of Culture – Thyme, in the flowering period, both being aromatic plants with well known therapeutic properties. It is a very tasty honey due of its bunch of flower, bright golden color

The thyme honey activates blood circulation, it is a tonic for anemia conditions and also an aphrodisiac. Due to the volatile oil contained by the thyme plant, this honey it is recommended for the treatments of whooping cough, bronchitis, hoarseness and asthmatic cough. Having a very strong antiseptic action, thyme honey can improve the function of liver and kidney.

Because of antiseptic properties of thyme, honey can be used in wounds and other skin infections.