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Acacia Honey – Pet

Ambalaj: PET

Detalii: din gama ROUA FLORILOR

Squeezable honey 250g & 500g

This type of packing is different because of its stopper which has a silicon valve that doesn’t allow honey drop out after usage. Honey leaks as long as the pressure over the container is maintained; when the pressure is stopped, the last drop of honey is absorbed right away inside the vessel. The advantage of this product is that you may use honey from the pet to the last drop if you keep the container upside down all the time.

Practical and Modern!
It is practical and modern, easy to use by teenagers and children, without the risk of getting dirty and may be used without needing a spoon.

The sportsmen’s package!
Because of this plastic package with perfect closing, sportsmen have now the chance to sweeten their drinks with honey in order to be more energetic. We recommend honey as a sweetener for all your drinks, especially when you go on trips, excursions, run your bike, but mainly for the energetic drinks consumed at fitness gym because of its rich content in glucose which is absorbed directly in your blood.