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Forest honey

Ambalaj: glass jars: 275g


glass jars: 275g

Forest honey proceed mainly from other parts of the plans than their flower (from the branches and leaves of the beech tree, ash tree and oak tree) in mixture with the forest flower’s nectar.

This honey has different ingredients than nectar honey and it is always of a dark to black color and it has a specific aroma. It is the only honey that does not contain pollen, therefore it is indicated for the persons who are allergic to pollen.

Forest honey is extremely rich in proteins, amino acids and minerals (even 12 up to 20 times more than other honey varieties). Because of it content of calcium and magnesium, this honey is highly recommendable to children, persons with anemia and convalescent patients.

Due to the revitalizing properties, it is recommended for the sportsmen and the active people.It has laxative properties stronger than any other honey and it helps your body eliminate toxins.

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