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Multiflower Honey Sticks – 15g

Ambalaj: 15g Stick


Stick: 15g. For coffee and tea

Honey-a natural sweetener
Apidava thought of giving the perfect substitute of sugar for coffee and tea, and we recommend you Roua Florilor Honey Stick – the newest and the most recent pack- the only natural sweetener. Honey Stick is an easy to use pack, a dose which contains the same quantity of a sugar bag. Honey Stick is recommended in sweetening your morning coffee, your tea or the milk drunk in the evening by your children.

Honey and tea!
From a quantitative point of view, tea is, after water, on the second place among the drinks consumed all over the world. Besides the fact that it hydrates, tea has other benefic effects on your health and combined with honey bee it assures resistance to cardiac diseases and cancer due to the antioxidants contained by tea and to honey’s rich content of proteins and minerals.

Green tea is better combined with honey, being incompatible with milk or sugar. In England five o’clock tea is sweetened with honey and often combined with milk, rum or lemon. Hungarian and Germans are known to sweeten their tea with honey and often add lemon, rum and occasionally wine flavors. Hollandaise drink strong black tea adding sometimes honey or milk.

Honey and espresso!
In Italian restaurants the love for honey is in fashion, because of an intense preoccupation for healthy food, thus intending to diminish the sugar consumption- the so called “white poison for the human body”. Each restaurant, café or bar places honey sticks at their clients’ disposal, as a 100% natural alternative sweetener for the famous espresso, which represent a way of living for Italians. Acacia honey is recommended as a coffee sweetener because it is the assortment with the most discreet flavor and it doesn’t change too much the strong taste of the ground coffee.

Honey for picnic!
If you go on a trip in the mountains and want to enjoy your coffee or tea admiring at the same time the natural landscape, there is no better choice than the natural sweetener, Roua Florilor honey stick, which adds a special flavor and offers the dose of energy required by the strong air of this place.