…din inima Transilvaniei


Ambalaj: 200ml Bottle

Detalii: Paraben free

with Honey, Propolis, Acacia Flowers Extract

Purifying tonic lotion – paraben free is for any face skin type, including that with problems. Activates blood circulation and recovers natural skin pH. Purifies and leaves face skin fresh and revigorated. Honey – rich in vegetal, minerals, vitamin C and B, strengthen by effect of acacia flowers extract rich in aminoacids and polyzaharides and A, E vitamin is a valuable active principle which revitalizes, nourishes, protects and hydrates skin. Propolis – is a true natural antibiotic, cleans pores in depth and helps control sebum excess , and moreover has a high content of vitamins B, E, C, H si P, as well as provitamin A.
Use: Apply morning and evening using well dipped makeup removing disks on clean skin. Insist on problematic areas. Avoid delicate skin around eyes. No rinse necessary.

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