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Propolis Essence

Ambalaj: 20ml bottle


Food supplement, 100% natural, alcohol free

Solution for internal and external use Innovative alcohol free product including propolis essence which contains all active principles from tincture but which may be consumed by all categories of people including children. Romanian product obtained through patented method.

USE – 1-3 drops/kg body in administering propolis.
– internal -10-20 drops two times a day or at doctor advice in different affections.
– external – apply locally in thin layer.

Advantages – alcohol free – may be consumed by children, people with hepatic problems, drivers etc. – not staining, not coloring teeth, skin etc. – not sticky – watery solution much easier to assimilate by organism – pleasant taste sourly-astringent flavored – dissolves homogeneously in any liquid ( do not use hot liquids)