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Symposium on Api-Nutrition in 23-25 March, in Cluj-Napoca & Blaj

Apinutrition Symposium hold by Casa Bio – nutrition center and Apidava is an event addressing topics on apitherapy as a branch of alternative medicine that uses honey bees and honey bee products including honey, pollen, bee bread, propolis, royal jelly to take care of human health.

This event is adress to doctors, biochimist inginers, nutritionists and dietitians, but also to all the other persons involved in producing or selling bee products, and who are interested to know the connection between our body health and api-products.

All the participants to this event, will attend 1 day of Symposion in Cluj Napoca, 1 Day of Presentations in HONEY FEST-BLAj with visit of exibition + 1 day of Tour around ALBA- district & visit to Apidava facilities.