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Mentha Honey

Ambalaj: 350g

Detalii: 100% Romanian natural Honey

Mint honey is a honey with a special flavor, but it is still very little of the strong aroma of peppermint leaves, which is obtained from the peppermint pollen. This type of honey has a viscous consistency and crystallizes into small, incomplete granules. It contains a large amount of vitamin C and volatile oils.

Mint is a very well-known aromatic plant for beneficial properties on the body. It contains an increased level of essential menthol essential oil. Mint reduces muscle contractions that cause gas, swelling and abdominal bloating. That’s why mint tea is recommended sweetened with honey and consumed after meal to improve digestion.
Due to its antispasmodic properties, this type of honey also has an effect on intestinal colic and regulates the amount of bile eliminated in the case of bile dyskinesia.
Mint honey is greenish-brown-reddish and the specific flavor of the plant from which it comes from